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On Road

On-Road Helmets: Unleash Your Badass Vibe with Unbeatable Confidence

When the open road calls, you answer with a thundering roar. At Coleman's Motorcycles, we've got your back with an epic collection of on-road helmets that exude style and ensure your safety. Whether you're cruising highways or conquering cross-country routes, our on-road helmets are the ultimate fusion of cool and protection. So, gear up and get ready to dominate the road with unbeatable confidence as we explore the realm of on-road helmets, different styles of helmets to match your personality, and the cutting-edge materials that elevate your ride.

Different Styles of On-Road Helmets

Your on-road helmet should be an extension of your unique personality - a perfect fusion of style and safety, as you carve your path through the asphalt wilderness.

Full-Face Helmets: The Bold Statement

Full-face helmets are the embodiment of badassery, offering total coverage and ultimate protection. Their aerodynamic design and aggressive looks make them the preferred choice for speed demons and thrill-seekers.

Modular Helmets: Versatility Redefined

Modular helmets are the chameleons of the road, providing the convenience of a flip-up chin bar for easy communication and airflow. They strike the perfect balance between a full-face and open-face helmet, adapting to your needs on the fly.

Open-Face Helmets: Vintage Vibes

Open-face helmets exude retro coolness, perfect for the vintage enthusiasts who crave a touch of nostalgia on their road trips. With an open face and undeniable style, these helmets are a timeless classic.

Half Helmets: Freedom Unleashed

Half helmets are all about embracing the wind and the open road. Minimalistic and light, they offer the freedom to feel the breeze on your face, making them a favorite among cruiser riders.

Innovative Helmet Materials for Next-Level Performance

Top-tier performance is a must for the true road enthusiast. That's where innovative helmet materials come into play - elevating your ride to the next level of awesomeness.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber: The Power of Feathery Strength

Carbon fiber - the king of materials. Light as a feather, yet strong as steel. It's the secret sauce for unbeatable protection and agility on the road.

Impact-Resistant Fiberglass: Battle-Tested Resilience

Fiberglass brings the fight with its impact-resistant game. No matter what the road throws your way, you're armored with battle-tested resilience.

High-Performance Polycarbonate: Flexibility with Attitude

Polycarbonate - flexible yet tough as nails. It's all about impact resistance whilst being comfortable on the head. Oh and did we mention that its easy on the wallet too!

Embrace ECE-Certified Excellence

Safety is the backbone of every epic adventure, and ECE-certified helmets have your back. With ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) certification, you're equipped with top-tier protection against whatever the road throws your way. Embrace the road with the confidence of a true champion.

The ECE Safety Standard: Where Excellence Meets Assurance

ECE safety standard sets the bar sky-high for on-road helmets. Rigorous testing and strict criteria separate the champions from the rest. Impact absorption, retention system performance, field of vision - every aspect is put to the test. The ECE stamp is more than just a seal; it's a symbol of top-tier quality and a guarantee of your safety.

ECE Helmet Ratings: Level Up Your Protection Game

Within the ECE-certified league, you've got options to level up your protection game. ECE 22.06 is the go-to for all-around on-road prowess. Need extra assurance? Go for ECE P or J ratings - extra tests for rear impacts or off-road action. Choose the rating that matches your spirit and conquer the road like a pro.

ECE Testing process: These Helmets Have Taken a Beating (In the name of science of course)

  1. Impact Absorption Test: This test gauges the helmet's prowess in absorbing and distributing impact energy during epic crashes.
  2. Retention System Test: It's all about keeping your helmet locked and loaded! This test checks the effectiveness of the chin strap in securing your gear during wild rides.
  3. Field of Vision Test: Don't miss a thing! This test ensures your visor gives you a panoramic view of the action without any blind spots.
  4. Penetration Test: No sharp objects allowed! This test verifies the helmet's shield against potential intruders.
  5. Chin Bar Test: For those who like versatility! This test puts modular helmets to the test to ensure their chin bars are ready for anything.
  6. Shell Rigidity Test: Rock-solid! This test examines the helmet's rigidity, ensuring it stays tough under pressure.
  7. Strap Anchorage Test: Locked and loaded! This test checks the helmet's strap anchors, ensuring they stay put when you need them most.
  8. Dynamic Retention Test: Showtime! This test replicates the forces of a gnarly accident, ensuring your helmet stays firmly in place during the action.
  9. Flammability Test: Keep it cool even under fire! This test checks the helmet's resistance to flames and heat.
  10. Visor Labeling Test: Sun protection on point! This test ensures your visor has the right labeling for UV defense and light transmittance.

Every Helmet has to pass all of these tests to be sold with that coveted ECE approved sticker.


Embrace the road with an on-road helmet that means business. ECE-certified excellence, jaw-dropping style, and cutting-edge materials - it's the recipe for an unforgettable road adventure. So, gear up, rev your engine, and let your on-road helmet be your trusty sidekick on the journey of a lifetime.